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Windows 10 full tips & tricks

Windows 10.

 Hello friends,
      Everyone is familiar with Windows 10. Windows 10 is an operating system which improves your PC / laptop working experience. It is developed by Microsoft and the most important thing is that it is one of the most powerful operating systems which allows you to perform with the lot of Amazing features in it. like, Online service and functionality, voice command assistant, direct x12, etc. This functionality will absolutely make your work easy and smooth.

Basic requirements to install windows 10 in your system.

Processor - 1 GHz
Graphics - DirectX9 
Ram - 1Gb for 32bit & 2Gb for 64bit Operating system.
Hard disk - 16Gb for 32bit & 32Gb for 64bit OS.
Display - 800x600

Note - The full installation process requires Internet connectivity. So always have an internet connection during installation. Its AI_system (Windows 10 Update assistant) will help you if you feel any type of difficulties during the setup. 

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