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(God mode) Ultra unique feature of win10.

In short we can say God mode allow us to explore a lot of features so easily in our PC. Always remember God Mode doesn't adds any additional feature in our PC. It's already a feature on its own. 

God mode is a feature in which we create a folder icon with a specific name.
Will get a collection of  (over 207) features of a PC in a listview. 

You can access these features  directly through God Mode panel folder. 

Steps to activate God mode:-

1. Create a new folder on your desktop.

2. Copy the below text and paste it into the rename folder


(you have to copy above full character and paste it to the rename folder.)

The folder with automatically change into panel like icon. 

Open it to explore a collection of lots of features of your PC in a list view.
Pin it to your PC Taskbar and Now you can access this feature by just one click. 
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Screenshots of features you'll get in GodMode pannel.

And a lot of more.

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