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Today, everyone is familiar with WhatsApp. It’s a social chatting app available for both IOS and Android platforms. WhatsApp is a product of Facebook and it allows you to send free text messages, voice messages, share images, documents, location, etc. You can also make free video call and voice calls with it.

But today many people want to know whether he can hack WhatsApp or not. You can also get lots of videos on YouTube and also a lot of articles written about WhatsApp hacking. 
But friends, I personally tell you. WhatsApp is an ultimately highly-secured software and this security is for all of us. What if it will become to easy to break WhatsApp security? 

If you can break someone's WhatsApp security, then always mind | someone also can break your WhatsApp security too. 

So the question is how we can hack WhatsApp? 

It's true to say that any network security can be hacked. But not easily. We need a professional team to hack WhatsApp. 

But we can monitor someone's Whatsapp easily by using some third-party app. I make you clear that it's illegal. I am just informing you of educational purposes. Yes, friends, there is a lot of application like airdroid, zenith, CSbloit, etc. You can use these apps to monitor someone WhatsApp. But I highly make you understand that these apps can also steal your private information and send them to their private server. So use these apps on your own risk.

Click on the below link to learn how to use Airdroid.

Now we'll talk about the WhatsApp web. It is a feature provided by WhatsApp by which you can use your WhatsApp in multiple platforms. In short, you can read all the message of any victims WhatsApp.

The full detail is here. 

1. Open any browser like Chrome in your smartphone or pc where you want all messages of someones WhatsApp. Go to the link QR code will generate automatically. 

Now open victims WhatsApp and go to 3-dot option. Here you will get the WhatsApp web option.

A QR scanner will open automatically after taping here.Now scan your browser QR code with a victims QR scanner. 

All done.

it will automatically synchronize all messages, call logs and everything from victims WhatsApp in your browser. 

Warning! This is not hacking. it's just a service provided by WhatsApp to make our Lifestyle easy. The victim can also monitor this connection anytime. By just going to the WhatsApp web, they will get their connected device and can we log out anytime.If anyone says he can hack WhatsApp. it's absolutely fake. WhatsApp is powered by Facebook. And the security of Facebook? You know very well? it is the top social media app and no one can Break Its security by just knowing some tips and by using some bloody apps. You need a team of professionals hacker and a very powerful computer to break the security of WhatsApp. 

You can also connect it with multiple platforms. By just tapping on + sign.

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