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Getting bored with the default icon of your pc? If you are thinking to get a new interface for your computer. This guide will definitely help you out. Today we'll talk about how to customize the icons on windows 10. We'll discuss each and every fact in detail. So follow the steps carefully & provide a new look to your computer.

The first thing we have to do is to download some icon packs to replace the default icons.,, etc are some best sites from where you'll get thousands of amazing icons pack. Download all icons in PNG, JPG, etc format.

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For your kind information, I make you understand that windows use ICO files for their icon pack. So in Windows, all the icons that are currently visible on your desktop screen or in windows explorer are already present in the ICO file format.

So second thing we gonna do is to convert all jpg file icons into ICO file formate. You can visit,, to convert your stuff directly into ICO file format. Convert your all icons similarly & keep them in a separate folder.

The third thing you have to do is to create a shortcut of all program icons which you want to change. It's too easy, Go to the Start menu > find & right-click on the program icon you want to change > select more > open file location > right click on selected program > send to > Desktop shortcut. Repeat the same process & create your choice. Now your shortcut is created.
Now you can customize all your shortcut icons present on your desktop. So come back to your desktop.

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The fourth thing you have to do is Right-click on the shortcut icon > select Properties > Go to the shortcut tab > select change icon button > here you ll see some additional icon packs > Select Browse > Go to the folder where you had saved all your ICO icon files > Select your desired icon > click Save > Click Ok > Click on Apply.

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Done. Now you are ready to provide your desktop a new look. Repeat the same process to change each and every icon on your desktop. Again I remind you, Never forget to create a shortcut of your program as I mentioned earlier.

Similarly, you can change All your FOLDER ICONS too. Just Right-click on your desired folder > Go to the properties > Go to customize Tab > select change icon > Go to Browse > Navigate to your destination folder > select your icon > Click on save > Apply > ok

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Similarly, you can change all your taskbar icons. Just Press Shift + Right-click on your desired taskbar icon > Go to the properties > Navigate to shortcut Tab > repeat the same process as above.
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