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 Here is a list of some ways through which you can take screenshots in windows 10. You can use all these methods for many different purposes. Some methods directly save your Screenshots in a Particular Folder & Some methods will copy your screenshot into your clipboard. we'll discuss each and every fact in detail.

1.Using the Snipping tool

Using this way you can perform some more editing actions before saving or Sharing your screenshots directly to anywhere. When you open it you 'll get a small size menu that will allow you to customize & edit your screenshots. Also, it allows you to take a screenshot of a particular part of the screen. You can directly select New to create a free screenshot layout, But you can also select which type of screenshots you want to take like fullscreen-snip, windows-snip, rectangular-snip, freeform-snip. As you select your desired layout. Your screenshot will Automatically Place in sniping tool edit menu where you can perform some basic editing like a pen, Highlighter, and an Option to edit it through Microsoft paint.

Click on Start menu > go to windows accessories > select snipping tool.


In search box > Type snipping tool > you ll get it here.

(You can also Pin snipping tool to your Taskbar to start it any spot of time.)

Screenshot help:

Click on Start menu > go to windows accessories > select snipping tool.

In search box > Type snipping tool > you ll get it here.

(You can also Pin it to your Taskbar to start it easily.)

2.Using Windows key+Shift+S

Using this way you can directly copy the particular portion of full screen to your clipboard. So the first thing you gonna do is To Press  (WindowsKey + ShiftKey + S) to start screenshot mode. your screen got blur & your cruser will automatically change in cropping tool. Now select the desired part you want to copy of the screen.  To get this image kindly paste it in any photo editor like Ms-Paint, Photoshop, Ms-Paint 3D, etc. If you want to take your screenshots for editing purposes, Kindly use this method to copy directly and paste it to your editing software.

Screenshot help :

3.Using print screen (PrtSc)
(In some Pc ALT + PrtSc)

If your Pc has a print screen key or PrtSc on your keyboard. It would be the best feature for you to copy your full screenshots into your clipboard. Kindly press this button anytime to copy your currently opened entire screen to your clipboard & Paste it into your image editing tool like Ms-Paint etc.

Screenshot help :

Press PrtSc on any window to copy full screenshots. (in some case Alt + PrtSc).

Paste it by pressing Ctrl + V into your image editing tool like Ms-Paint etc.

4.Using windows key+PrtSc

This is the most common way to save screenshots of your entire screen directly to the screenshot folder. Kindly press Winkey+PrtSc & your screen ll blimp a little & Screenshot of your screen will automatically be saved in its default destination folder,  

This Pc > Pictures > screenshots.

Screenshot help :

5.Using the Xbox-Game bar menu.

This is one of the most popular methods of all time. When you are playing any game or in the middle of any game. You will have to press winkey+G to open the Game toolbar. Here you 'll get a button to take screenshots. You can also perform some other actions too, like Screen recording option, Live broadcasting, Mic turn on/off while broadcasting, Camera turn on/off while broadcasting, Turn on Game Mode, etc

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