Use offline map in Windows 10. Amazing Feature. | 9technoadda

This facility is absolutely amazing. Windows 10 allows you to download whole map of the selected region which you want. It'll never required any internet connection again, you can get your desire location even if you are unable to reach any internet connection. You can directly download it from Windows 10 setting Manu. 

Follow these steps. 

1. Go to setting in your laptop/PC. 

2. Select apps. 

3. Go to offline map option. 4. And select download maps. 

5. Select your continent. 

6. Select your country. 

7. Finally click on your desired state of which you want to download the map.


   This will start your download of desired state. Kindly create a shortcut on desktop and you can access it easily from home screen. No matter where you are. 


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