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You can create a short-key for any windows software you use in your daily life. You can open by using a short key like Ctrl+Alt+C for chrome, Ctrl+Alt+P for paint, etc. This will absolutely save your time & make your work easy. This feature is really going to help you in many ways. After customizing shortcut keys you'll never have to visit your desktop again and again, You can open your desired app just by clicking a simple key combination.

Steps to Customise short-key of any windows app.

1.    Always remember to create a shortcut to your desired software. Because the customization options ll only available in shortcut icons.

How to create a shortcut of any software. Create a shortcut of any program as your desktop icon.

Here you can customize all your processes.

2.    Right Click on the desired shortcut app icon, go to properties & navigate to the shortcut Tab.
3.    Change Shortcut key option to Ctrl+Alt+(any alphabet which is suitable for your app). Like Ctrl+Alt+C for chrome, Ctrl+Alt+P for paint etc.
4.    Click on Apply > Done.

Screenshot Help:- 

Now I can open my Paint any time by just Taping Ctrl+Alt+P.

Now you can access these windows software Any time, Anywhere, No matter what are you currently doing on your desktop. Just Tap shortcut key! Your desired app will open automatically.

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