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Hello friends, we keep our datum and many other necessary files in our Pc. We also create a Guest account to give access to our PC to our family or relatives. Sometimes they try to keep their figures inside your Private Data or software.  You can keep your data safe by just Blocking permission access of any of your drive or Folder By just performing some simple steps.

Keep in Mind.

1. I am performing all these actions in windows 10.
2. The name of my Guest account is “Turn on”.

Follow the steps carefully.

If you find any problem ? Let me know through the comment box.

Here I am blocking my 'F' Drive to access from Guest account.

1. Right-click on drive > Go to ‘property’ > navigate to ‘security tab’ 

2. Click on ‘edit’ > (Here you will find a list of some users). So look for Your Current Guest account name here.

3. If your Guest account is not available here! Kindly add it By Clicking on ‘Add’ > ‘advanced’ > ‘Find now’ > 

4. Find your guest account name & select it From the list  >  Click on Ok > Ok >

 5. Here you 'll get an option to edit the permissions you want to provide to your guest account > 

6. Select Guest account from the list & Kindly Deny all permissions to your guest account > Ok > Apply > Ok > DONE.

Now You have successfully blocked your guest account access to the particular drive. Similarly, you can also customize all different types of permissions with all of your particular drives or folders.

You can also repeat the same process to Block any of your drives, Folders, Files, etc.

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