9 Top Secret way to optimize & manage your Laptop Battery Performance | Work like a Pro | 9Technoadda

 9 Top Secret way to optimize & manage your Laptop Battery Performance | 9Technoadda

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Here I come with some most useful & Interesting facts about how you can manage and Improve your Laptop Battery Performance.

PC proprietors have a basic issue all the time: a depleted battery. indeed, you can connect it, but only if there is a power supply nearby. Here are a few different ways you can improve the battery life of your Windows PC. 

Current PCs are more impressive than any time in recent memory, and gratitude to progressions in portable innovation, they are more productive also, giving them ever more noteworthy battery lives. Making some minor tweaks to how you use your laptop prevents you from reaching for your power cord too often and will keep your laptop battery running much more efficiently. Follow these tips to make your laptop battery last longer.

Before going further, always close your all running apps on your PC when you are not using them to stop them from using internal battery consumption. 

Here I Have collected A List of 

9 Top Secret ways to optimize & manage your Laptop Battery Performance.

9. Use Windows Troubleshooter.

Using Windows troubleshooter you can let your PC decide to fix some Power setting on its own.

  • You can simply go to Start > Setting > Update & Security > Troubleshooter > Additional Troubleshooter > Power > Run.

You can also directly type Troubleshooter in the Serch box. 

directly click on Windows troubleshooter to open the Windows troubleshooter setting.

Screenshot Help For Windows Troubleshooter

8. Analyze battery usages report in windows 10.

  • Open cmd prompt as Administrator & type "powercfg/energy" & press enter to execute.

This command will create detailed information about your system's power consumption. You can see a complete power efficiency report including all spotted errors and solutions. 

You can view this report by just typing "energy-report.html" & press enter.

Or you can directly view this report by opening: C:/WINDOWS/system32/energy-report.html

For full Information About Command line, you can also visit

Screenshot Help to Analyze report in windows 10.

7. Use Microsoft edge Browser

Download it From its Official website https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/edge

I recommend you, Switch to Microsoft edge Browser instead of Chrome. It has been 5 Years since when Microsoft edge browser was launched & updating it constantly to the cross-browser platform. And the edge is Back with a lot of new updates & even more features than Chrome. If you want to know detailed Information about edge Browser you can visit Google Chrome vs. Microsoft Edge: Which browser is best? For more details

Screenshot Help of Microsoft Edge Browser.

6. Use Hibernate instead of Sleep mode.

When you close your Laptop Lid, It enters into Sleep mode. This function lets you resume your System quickly. But it also keeps draining battery over the time. I recommend you to use Hibernate mode instead of sleep mode because Sleep mode store all operating datum into Ram & also uses some amount of energy for this process but if we talk about Hibernate? Hibernating your system also does the same work as sleep mode but it Stores all your Operating files into a Hard disk, Which allows you to Shut your System Off Completely without any Power Consumption. 

5.Disable all Background Battery draining Apps.

Next thing we would have to do is to disable all background draining apps. Some apps keep running in background which cause deep impact on your system's Battery. 

Go to setting > Privacy > Background apps > Disable all or you can select your desired apps.

4.Buy an SSD

SSD stands for Solid state Drive. SSD would be the best option if you want to increase your Battery life or PC Performance. SSD is 20x Faster than HDD. It stores all datum in their microchip after shutting your system down & keep your saved data awake without consuming any Power.

3. Use battery slider.

In the modern era, all Laptops comes with a special new feature called Battery slider. Click on battery icon present in Bottom-right of your Laptop screen & Slide it left or right as per your desired requirement. If you want best Performance? Slide right. It'll consume much battery. If you slide left you'll get best battery life but lighter performance.

2. Carry a Battery Backup.

1. Change Power setting


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