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Here is the list of 9 Top technical websites where you'll get a lot of tech-related knowledge. These websites are highly rated by their users & will provide you constant flow of technological updates.

What you get on these websites?

You'll get a huge collection of Information about smartphones, Android, Gadgets & Softwares, etc. You can visit these websites to gather a lot of knowledge, technical issues, bug fixes, buying guides, tech deals, Info articles & Product Reviews, etc. 

Here is the list of 9 Best tech-related websites.

9. Makeuseof

This website was founded in 2007. Here you'll get how to use & understand technology in our life. A lot of information abut Phone, Laptop, gadgets, apps, software, websites, tips, tricks & and all technology facts. 

Click here to explore Makeuseof

8. Cnet

This website was founded on 1995 in san Francisco. you ll get all tech news, commentary, technical analysis, features, FAQs, advice, reviews, buing guide, amazing Photography & much more informative facts.

Click here to explore Cnet

7. Digitaltrend

This website was launched on 2006 & gathering a traffic of 100 million peoples per month. This website provide you technical information about not just gadgets but also the power they unlock in your life, The story of people who made them & the way they reshaping the world out of your windows.

Click here to explore Digitaltrend

6. Techradar

This is the most popular technology news and gadgets-related website available on the internet. Also, there is a lot of helpful guide about tablets, laptop, android smartphone, etc.

Click here to explore Techradar

5. Nextofwindows

This website was launched in 2009. This website covers a lot of stuffs about Microsoft corporation. here you ll get a huge collection of Informations, bugfixes, tips & tricks related to windows specially. visit here if you are a Pc user.

Click here to explore Nextofwindows

4. Fossbytes

This indian website was launched in 2014. it is one of the fastest growing technically website in short period of time. This website will offer you a reflection of emerging technology trends like startups to big companies, security update, highly reated tips & tricks about smartphone & PC. 

Click here to explore Fossbytes

3. Laptopmag

The journey of Laptopmag had started in the year 1991. This website is specially for Laptop users. here you ll get a complete guide about how to buy a Laptop. The main goal of this website is to make shopping of a laptop very simple & accurate.

Click here to explore Laptopmag

2. Tomsguide

Sister of PCmag. This website will guide you to make complex tech-buying decisions of different gadgets, softwares, services, smartphones, smartwatches, TVs and many more. most trustable website ever.

Click here to explore Tomsguide

1. PcMag

Launched in the year 2000. This website also contains a huge collection of technical information regarding PC, smartphones, gadgets, etc. here you ll also get reviews related to many more smartphones and another gadgets.

Click here to explore Tomsguide

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