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Drivers are a very essential component of our System. the main work of drivers are to collaborate between hardware and Operating system. in another word we can say it is nothing but just a computer program which controls all components or devices of your Computer System. 


Why should we update drivers of our System?

You should always keep your Device drivers updated to keep your computer in good and healthy condition. The new driver updates come with the latest Bug Fixes & stability. Outdated drivers will hinder the performance of your system.

Generally, the AI system of Windows 10 automatically detects all outdated drivers & keeps updating them regularly. However, you'll still need to update it manually because sometimes the AI system does not recognize the components and the devices which stops working automatically after update. 

Here we are going to list all steps you should perform with your PC to update your drivers manually.

Follow the steps to Check & Update all drivers of your PC | Win 10 | Win 8 | Win 7 | All windows | 9Technoadda |

To update your driver automatically Go to the setting > Update & Security > Check Update if available > Optional or Adittional Update > Select all from the list > Finally click On Update.

To update your System drivers manually.

1. Open the Run command by pressing "Win+R" & Type "devmgmt.msc" and press enter.

(you can also search "device manager" in search box. Or also can go to the control panel & click on "device manager".)

Here you'll see the Categories of all installed drivers of your system. 

2. Double click to Expand the Category & right click on the listed driver & click on "Update driver".

3. Now click on "Browse my Computer for drivers" & Select "Let me pick from a list of available drivers on my computer".

4. Select available Update & Click on "Next".

It ll update your driver successfully. After that you can close it.

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